Founder, Partner, and Chief Executive Officer of Streettalk Advisors

Lance Roberts has 23 years of experience in the financial field from private investments, startup venture capital, banking and private equity to portfolio management. Mr. Roberts originally founded a NASD Broker/Dealer in 1998 with two international partners and in 2001 separated from the firm with Michael Smith to found and operate Streettalk Advisors.

Mr. Roberts is the host of “Streettalk with Lance Roberts” and has been both locally and nationally syndicated. He is also the Chief Editor of the “X-Factor” report which is currently circulated in 13 countries and has a strong track record of economic and market calls.

As the Chief Economist and Investment Strategist of Streettalk Advisors – he and Michael Smith build and manage an array of portfolios that have adhered to the principals of capital preservation during the market decline of 2008 and they have a successful track record of transferring macro economic analysis to portfolio driven strategies.

Mr. Roberts serves on the Investment Policy committee of Streettalk Advisors along with Luke Patterson and Michael Smith. He has also appeared frequently as an analyst on both Fox26 and CNN.

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